Meet the Leads – Emma Deye

My name is Emma Deye and I am the Business Team Lead of the University of Kentucky Solar Car Team. I have been on the team for five semesters, and have been the Business Team Lead for four of those semesters. Before our current team lead, Monon Rahman, and I joined the team back in 2015, there was no established business division of the team. Our first year on the team was spent creating a business and media foundation that we would be able to build upon in order to have a successful solar car team for years to come. This foundation included creating a Supporter Tier System, established team aesthetic, and gathering video and photo content for our social media platforms.

My job as the Business Team Lead is to communicate our team’s message and mission to the University and external companies in order to gather supporters to help our team build a competitive solar car. The Business Team demonstrates the communication, creativity, and technical skills of our multidisciplinary students and the successes they achieve through building a solar car. Along with the Media Team, we document the story of the team and its members as they continue to progress and build their legacies. This stage is very important for the longevity of the team due to the fact that our team members normally are only on our team for four years. It is incredibly important that knowledge is transferred from upperclassmen to lowerclassmen. Finally, the Business Team is involved in the long term planning of the team in order to continue the legacy that current team members are creating.

The Business Team has many ongoing projects this semester. These include continuing to update our current supporters on the status of Gato del Sol VI, refurbishing our Supporter Tier System, and working with the Media Team to help write and publish social media posts and blog posts. Our largest project this semester is securing the final funding to finish Gato del Sol VI. Our team relies on the generous support from external companies and our own University to construct and race our solar car. We greatly appreciate all the help our team has received this past year that has enabled the construction of Gato del Sol VI. If you would like to see the progress our team has made on Gato VI, follow us @UKSolarCar on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.