November 27th, 2017

Improving Performance of Water Heaters and Purifiers via Sensors and Electronic Controls and the Use of Thermal Storage to Stabilize the Electric Grid

Dr. Robert Heideman, Senior Vice President – Chief Technology Officer, A.O. Smith Corporation, Milwaukee, WI

Credit: 1.0 PDH

Time: 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Location: WT Young Library Auditorium on UK’s campus (parking info)

Bio: Dr. Bob Heideman was named Senior Vice President – Chief Technology Officer at A. O. Smith in December 2010. He had served as Vice President of the Milwaukee-based research and engineering facility since February 2008. The Corporate Technology Center consists of technology platforms that concentrate on advanced concepts and emerging technologies supporting the long-term product development strategies of the company. Bob joined A. O. Smith Corporation in 1994 as a Project Engineer at Corporate Technology. In that role, he worked on a wide range of projects for a number of the company’s operating units. He returned to A. O. Smith in 2002 as a Section Manager, responsible for the Metallurgy and Prototyping Group. In 2005, he was promoted to Director-Materials and Processes at Corporate Technology. Bob holds a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Ind.

Abstract: The seminar will share from the experiences of the A.O. Smith Corporation, a S&P 500 company and a world leading manufacturer of water heating and purification equipment. The world-wide increased need for hot and clean water will be discussed in the introduction along with a brief review of the company’s historic evolution from a Milwaukee, WI based diversified manufacturer, to a specialized global water technology/manufacturing company. Advanced technologies developed for energy efficiency and for meeting the specifics of the diverse major regions around the world will be exemplified. The final portion of the seminar will emphasize the sensors and electronic controls being developed at the A.O. Smith Corporate Technology Center in Milwaukee to enhance the efficiency and performance of water heaters and purifiers. In addition, the use of water heaters, including CHP devices, to store energy and balance the electric grid will be discussed.

This seminar is presented in partnership with the IEEE Power and Energy Society, Lexington Chapter.


October 19th-20th, 2017

The Kentucky Governor’s Conference on Energy and the Environment

On October 19 and 20, 2017 the Power and Energy Institute of Kentucky (PEIK) will be represented at the Kentucky Governor’s Conference on Energy and the Environment at the Lexington Convention Center by Dr. Dan M. Ionel, Professor of Electrical Engineering and L. Stanley Pigman Chair in Power, and the current Director of PEIK, Dr. Donald Colliver, Professor of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, and Director of KIAC, and Jason Souders, PEIK/KIAC/FEEDER Coordinator. PEIK will have an exhibition booth providing information on the program’s education, outreach and research activities and facilitating engaging discussions with attendees, current and prospective supporters.

As per the event organizers, the Kentucky Governor’s Conference is bringing together some of the state’s top minds in the energy and environment arenas. Some will be speakers and presenters, other will be there to participate and network. Sessions will look at how we can make wise choices about the energy we use on a daily basis, how we safeguard the environment now and for future generations while enabling growth, and how an aging water infrastructure and legacy of waste dumps throughout the Commonwealth are presenting funding challenges.


October 23rd, 2017

Global Energy: Market Trends and Outlook

Paula M. Guletsky, P.E., Vice President, Sargent & Lundy L.L.C.

Credit: 1.0 PDH

Time: 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Location: WT Young Library Auditorium on UK’s campus (parking info)

Bio: Ms. Guletsky is a Vice President and Project Director at Sargent & Lundy L.L.C. which is one of the leading architect engineering firms in the country. Sargent & Lundy is a 126 year old privately held business that specializes in the design of power generation and transmission systems. Ms. Guletsky is a chemical engineering graduate from the University of Kentucky.  She has served in the power industry for 35 years. Her areas of expertise include: air pollution control, project management and strategic business planning.

Abstract: The next 25 years will see a radical change in the energy market across the globe. New power demand in developing countries, natural gas reserve capacity, and developments in renewable energy and storage will all contribute to the changes ahead. Join us as we review the near and long term projections for electricity growth and discuss how the U.S. is adapting to this changing market.

This seminar is presented in partnership with the IEEE Power and Energy Society, Lexington Chapter.


April 12, 2017

Engineering and Innovation at LG&E and KU

SVP Operations 2017

Lonnie Bellar, Senior Vice President Operations

Credit: 1.0 PDH

Time: 2:00 pm-3:00 pm

Location: WT Young Library Auditorium on UK’s campus (parking info)

Topics: Energy and power, generation, energy supply and analysis, electric distribution and transmission, gas distribution and storage

Bio: Mr.Lonnie Bellar is the Senior Vice President of Operations for LG&E and KU. He is responsible for all operations areas including generation, energy supply and analysis, electric distribution and transmission, gas distribution and storage, and customer service. Mr. Bellar joined Kentucky Utilities in 1987 as an electrical engineer and worked in technical and management roles, including more recently: Director of Generation Services, General Manager of LG&E’s Cane Run and Ohio Falls generating stations, Director of Financial Planning and Controlling, Director of Transmission, Vice President of State Regulation and Rates, and Vice President of Gas Distribution. Mr. Bellar participated in a dual-degree program receiving a bachelor’s degree in engineering arts from Georgetown College and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Kentucky.

Abstract: The seminar will include an overview of the resources, history, and activities of LG&E/KU, which provides service to 1.3 million customers in Kentucky and Virginia. The presentation of the utility’s capabilities will cover well established facilities as well as recent advancements in the automation of electric power distribution. One section will discuss the benefits of solar power and will introduce the main technical specifications of Kentucky’s largest solar PV facility recently developed by LG&E/KU on its E. W. Brown site. The final part of the presentation will outline opportunities for students to become involved in the LG&E/KU engineering co-op program and potential engineering career paths.


This seminar is presented in partnership with the IEEE Power and Energy Society, Lexington Chapter.


February 28, 2017

Workshop on the National Electric Code (NEC) 2017

Manche2Alan Manche, P.E. , Vice President External Affairs, Schneider Electric

Fee: $99

Credit: 4.0 PDHs

Time: 8:00 am-12:00 pm

Topics: Industry standards, installation codes, and enforcement will be covered.

Bio: Alan Manche, an employee at Schneider Electric for 20 years, is responsible for leading company activities relative to product standards, installation codes, and enforcement. His background in product design, certification, and industry standards afforded him many hours in Schneider Electric testing labs reviewing product performance characteristics, and conformity assessment. He has been involved in  the National Fire Protection Association, National Electric Manufacturers Association, National Electric Code, and Underwriters Laboratories. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MBA.

Outline: The 2017 National Electric Code workshop will outline updates to the national electric code for 2017. The update process included 4002 public inputs, 1513 public comments, 5 new articles, 19 code making panels, NFPA Annual Meeting in June of 2016, and Issuance by Standards Council, Effective Date, and Available for Adoption in August 2016.

For more information contact Jason Souders. Lunch will be provided immediately following.

This seminar is presented in partnership with the IEEE Power and Energy Society, Lexington Chapter.