Mechanical Team

The Mechanical Team is in charge of the overall design of the solar car. They design and build the aerodynamic shell, the chassis, and the vehicle's suspension. Aside from building the solar car, the Mechanical Team coordinate the driver controls such as steering, braking, and acceleration.

Electrical Team

The Electrical Team is in charge of the electrical and power systems in the car. They integrate the solar array, maximum power point trackers, batteries, and motor controller with the various mechanical systems within the car. These tools enable the solar car to communicate with itself and to the team via the telemetry system.

Strategy & Computer Science Team

The Strategy & Computer Science Team is mainly responsible for data collection and strategy planning. During the race, they collect real-time data from the many embedded systems on the car, including the battery, motor, Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT), and various other devices. They then take those data and further analyze them to infer more useful information like the battery state of charge, battery runtime, and optimal speed for maximum travel distance. The analysis sector is in work-in-progress, and they will soon create a model of Gato V to fully understand its behavior for more accurate strategy.

Business Team

This Business Team in responsible for creating the public image of our team. The Business Team finds our donors that make funding the team possible. They plans outreach events that we take the car to and showcase our work. The Business Team is also in charge of updating our social media outlets.

Senait Nuguse


Senait is a Senior currently majoring in electrical engineering at the University of Kentucky. She is passionate about a career in clean alternative energies, which complimented her decision to join this team. After completing her first three semesters on the team on the team, she has decided to stay committed for the remainder of her time here at UK. She considered herself someone with no previous electrical experience, and joining the team has allowed her to become confident in the field that she loves. Senait's time on the team has been great as a learning experience for her and has allowed her to become a well-rounded engineer.

Chris Heintz


Chris Heintz is a Graduate Student from Chesterland, OH and studies mechanical engineering at the University of Kentucky. Chris is the current Engineering Lead for team, where he led the design of the chassis and suspension of Gato Del Sol V. Chris' experience on the team has allowed him to gain insights into the engineering field and believes this has allowed him to succeed in his internships and co-ops. Prior to joining the UK Solar Car Team, Chris was the president of Combat Robotics in high school and participated in FIRST robotics. His intentions are to remain on the team until he finishes his studies and hopes to stay involved as an alumnus. This semester will mark Chris' ninth semester on the team.

Connor Varney


Connor Varney is a Junior at the University of Kentucky and hails from Pikeville, KY. Connor is currently studying Materials Engineering and serves as the Mechanical Team Lead for the Solar Car Team. Connor enjoys researching and testing new materials. Aside from these interests, Connor likes to play tennis and the clarinet. This semester will be Connor's fifth on the team.

Kyle Cravens


Kyle Cravens is a Junior at the University of Kentucky from Louisville, KY. Kyle is in charge of The Electrical Team in Solar Car. Kyle is studying Electrical Engineering. This semester will be Kyle's fifth on the team.

Ethan Toney


Ethan Toney is a Junior at the University of Kentucky from Jacksonville, IL, studying computer engineering. Ethan enjoys object-oriented design through computer programming and graphic design. Aside from these interests, Ethan's hobbies include swimming and cross-country. This semester will be Ethan's fifth on the team.

Monon Rahman


Monon Rahman is a Junior in Mechanical Engineering here at the University of Kentucky. Monon is in charge of the team's media presence; he works to take and create photos, videos, and other forms of media. In addition to this, he helps represent the team in a public manner and works to strengthen and maintain relationships between the team and the University as well. He works very closely with the Business Team Lead, Emma Deye. Monon is also a huge motorsports fan, especially for NASCAR, and he wishes to work and compete in NASCAR one day. Outside of UK Solar Car, he is also heavily involved with Formula Kentucky (UK's Formula SAE team) and the Creative Filming Club.

Emma Deye


Emma is currently a Junior majoring in Finance at the University of Kentucky. She joined the team second semester of her freshman year. Emma's responsibility as Business Lead is to create and maintain relationships with companies, as well as continuously work to provide funding for the team. She works closely with the Media Team Lead, Monon Rahman, to uphold the team's image. She believes that being on UKSC has enabled her to hone her professional skills. Outside of UKSC, Emma is a MoneyCATS Peer Financial Coach, UK 101 Peer Instructor, and an officer in her sorority.