Beginning March 2015, the Solar Car Team is partnering with active solar car alumni to

launch an alumni support drive. The team has a goal of securing recurring donations from a
large portion of our alumni base: if every one of our 80+ active alumni contributed
$20/month, that would allow the team to keep up a sustainable annual budget of $20000.
This support will allow the team to keep up our legacy and accomplish our dreams.

Over the course of nearly two decades in operation, the solar car team has taken the blood,
sweat, and tears of hundreds of students and turned them into five generations of functional
electric vehicles. The team has competed across two countries and a dozen states, logging
thousands of miles on winding roadways and tracks as prestigious as the Indianapolis
Motor Speedway. Our team’s alumni have gone on to take their skills in aerodynamics,
mechanics, electronics, and software to pursue graduate degrees at universities such as Berkeley,
Purdue, MIT, and Princeton, and to work at various prominent institutions, namely Boeing, IBM, Microsoft, Qualcomm, the US Air
Force, and Nvidia. Now this team, which has given us the footholds to engage in these pursuits,
needs your help.

Check back for updates on the Alumni Support Drive!

Lexington, KY 40506-0503
Phone: 859.257.1280

Thank you for your continued support!

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Testimonials From Alumni


The team is excited to have begun the Alumni Support Drive! Become an alumni supporter

and donate to the team as these Alumni have done:


Nick Such
“I can’t think of a better way to further my legacy as a solar car team member than
supporting this team, giving these engineering students the type of experiences that we
received through the generosity of other UK alumni like Ralph G. Anderson.”

Sam Nicaise
“I’m donating because I want every future CoE student to have the opportunity to learn,
grow and have fun, just like I did with UKSCT.”

Kevin Wieman
“I give because I want the new cars to outshine the former cars and that goes for the team members too! It gives current CoE students the chance to learn skills that will help them and all of us in the future.”

Brian Passafiume
“Because of the donations of others, my experience on the UKSCT prepared me immensely for my career and for life.I donated because I want current and future team members to have the opportunities that I had while on the team to learn and develop into better engineers.”

How to Donate

To lend your support, follow these steps:
1. Visit and enter your information and donation
amount. If you are donating as a business, enter your business’ name in the “In
Honor of” field.
2. Select “Engineering” in the first drop down under “Gift Information”
3. Select “Solar Car Team Fund” in the second down under “Gift Information”

To set up a recurring donation, contact Melissa Tomblin with the Office of Alumni &

Assistant Director of Alumni & Development
251 Ralph G. Anderson Building