Almost Christmas-time, but it’s 70 degrees!

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This weekend, the team ventured to Versailles to take part in the Versailles Christmas parade. It may be 70 degrees out right now, but we’re still getting into the Holiday spirit! Here’s the team lined up before the parade started.


The semester is coming to an end, so here’s a rounded-out status update:

  • Gato IV is in its (hopefully) permanent condition. It’s been retired from racing, so it’s purpose now is to attend shows and sponsors. Everything is fully functioning and ready for display when it’s using the old Gato II battery pack.
  • Design for our newest car is still moving along. Work is almost finished on the chassis, but we want to take our time to analyze everything properly and make sure the car is absolutely the way we want it.
  • There is also work on the new top shell; however, it’s minimal because our efforts are being put into the chassis. First things first.
  • Battery testing is fully underway. All of the testing rigs are built so that we are able to measure performance of each individual battery along with the reliability of the new BPS modules. This will enable us to rebuild a better-performing battery and more stable battery pack.


Enjoy the weather while it lasts and Happy Holidays from UK Solar Car Team!