Chemical and Materials Engineering

grulkeProf. Eric A. Grulke

Polymerization and downstream polymer processing. Polymer-based nano composites. Adsorbent carbons.

kalikaProf. Doug Kalika

Research in the area of polymer processing, including polymer blends and nanocomposites; investigation of structure, morphology, and polymer chain dynamics as a function of material processing history. Current focus on the formulation of polymer networks and nanocomposites for use as gas separation membranes.

Electrical Engineering

hollowayProf. Larry Holloway
Research on automatic generation of control and fault monitoring software for automated manufacturing systems. These methods rely on analysis of discrete state models in order to convert high-level control specifications into executable control
lumppProf. Janet Lumpp: Research on electronic materials, electronic packaging, laser processing, and sensors. Projects emphasize relationships between processing and
walcottProf. Bruce Walcott
Research on nonlinear, uncertain, flexible, and variable structure systems; intelligent identification and control via neural networks FLC; genetic algorithms, and active vibration
zhangProf. Yu-Ming Zhang
Research on automatic, adaptive, and intelligent control of manufacturing processes, particularly applied to

Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Fazleena Badurdeen
Research interests in mass customization, manufacturing system design and optimization, production scheduling, sustainable manufacturing and human factors/
dillonProf. O.W. Dillon
Research in finite element modeling of metal cutting mechanics, especially thermal effects and residual stresses, plasticity, strain gradient effects in plasticity, sustainable product design and manufacturing, metal fatigue and other life-cycle issues, mechanics-materials science
Prof. I. S. Jawahir
Research in metal cutting mechanics, sustainable product design and manufacturing, modeling and optimization of machining operations, cutting tool design, and performance evaluation (i.e. cutting force, chip control, tool-wear/tool-life, surface finish/integrity and part accuracy machining)
Prof. Wei (Mike) Li
Production Scheduling, Adaptive Production Control,Operating Room Scheduling, Optimization, Manufacturing
rouchProf. Keith Rouch Research on dynamics of machine tool systems, control of chatter in machining systems, and application of finite element methods in design and
saitoProf. Kozo Saito
Computational and experimental studies on painting technology, including transfer efficiency of paint spray, deposition process in manufacturing, and the design of automobile paint booth systems. Also research on cultural aspects of lean
sekulicProf. Dusan P. Sekulic
Research on modeling of materials processing in manufacturing: metal bonding (brazing, and soldering) . Transparent phenomena and design for manufacturing of heat exchangers. Sustainable manufacturing (in particular energy issues).
stephensProf. Scott Stephens
Research on fabrication of micro-electrical-mechanical systems (MEMS). Also research on high-speed machining spindle design using magnetic bearings.

Gatton College of Business and Economics

brassProf. Daniel Brass