Are you interested in pursuing graduate education in manufacturing systems engineering but not ready to commit to a master’s degree yet? Then, consider enrolling in the Online Graduate Certificate in Manufacturing Systems.


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The certificate is structured as a four course program with all courses available entirely online. It provides graduate level qualifications for engineers and manufacturing professionals in industry who are interested in expanding their qualifications with less of a time investment than is required for a full master’s degree.

Courses Available:

Course work to satisfy the 12 credit-hour requirement must be selected from the two following categories:

  • MFS 505 Modeling of Manufacturing Processes
  • MFS 605 Systems for Factory Information and Control
  • MFS 606 Global Issues in Manufacturing
  • MFS 613 Sustainability, Ethics, and Leadership in Manufacturing Organizations
  • MFS 501 Mechanical Design with Finite Element Methods
  • MFS 503 Lean Manufacturing Principles and Practices
  • MFS 507 Design for Manufacturing
  • MFS 512 Manufacturing Systems
  • MFS 513 Mechanical Vibrations
  • ME 514 Computational Techniques in Mechanical System Analysis
  • ME 515 Rotordynamics of Turbomachinery
  • MFS 526 Operations Management in Lean Manufacturing
  • ME 556 Introduction to Composite Materials
  • MFS 609 Leadership for a Lean System (In the process of being changed to MFS 509)
  • ME 647 Systems Optimization
  • MFS 780 Special Topics in Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • MFS 599 Topics in Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • MFS 699 Topics in Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Admission Requirements:

Any student currently enrolled, or accepted, to the University of Kentucky Graduate School as a graduate student, or in post-baccalaureate or university scholar status**, can be considered for admission.

Program specific admission requirements are:

  1. A bachelor’s degree in engineering from an ABET-accredited post-secondary school (or equivalent) or a bachelor’s degree in technology management, business,  chemistry, mathematics,  physics, or other related areas,
  2. Earned an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or greater,
  3. Demonstrate (via official transcript) successful completion (grade B or better) in each of 2 courses (minimum total 6 credit-hours) of college mathematics (consisting of differential and integral calculus).
[**Note: University scholar students must have senior standing, have completed all University studies requirements (a minimum of 90 hours, 3.5 GPA in major, 3.2 GPA overall)].

Course Requirements:

Four courses are required for the Graduate Certificate in Manufacturing Systems. Two core courses and two electives must selected from the available courses (see list for details). In addition to those listed, one other course may be selected with approval of the Certificate Director, to satisfy the elective course requirement.

The certificate courses can also be transferred towards a MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, if you decide to pursue a graduate degree later (Note: a separate application is required for the MS degree).

Graduate Certificate Completion Requirements:

As required by the University of Kentucky Graduate School, a student must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the set of courses required for completion of the Graduate Certificate.


Application Deadlines:

  International Students Domestic Students
Fall Semester March 15 August 15
Spring Semester July 15 December 1


Graduate School portal to submit applications for the Online Graduate Certificate in Manufacturing Systems will be open starting May 15, 2017.

In the meantime, if you have more questions, contact the Director of Graduate Studies or, the Graduate Program Coordinator.