StudentsCourse Descriptions

Includes a brief description of each course offered through the Manufacturing Systems Engineering program. Note that students will be able to take courses offered by other departments and colleges, to meet elective course requirements, with approval from the faculty adviser and Director of Graduate Studies.

MFS Graduate Handbook

Covers information pertaining to admission, making progress and graduating from the Manufacturing Systems Engineering MS program.

Online Student Orientation Materials

A list of essential information that will be needed for students starting out in the online MFS program. Additional information of use is available under the Graduate Resources link below.

The Graduate School

Visit The Graduate School home page.

Graduate Bulletin

This document provides a description of the University of Kentucky Graduate School, general regulations as they relate to graduate students, general requirements for all graduate students and other relevant information.

Graduate Resources

Contains general information as it relates to being a graduate student at the University of Kentucky (e.g.: basic necessities of student life, campus shuttle and bus information, parking, etc.)

Thesis Preparation

See The Graduate School’s guide to preparing a thesis.