Lean Logistics

Course Dates: TBA
Lexington, KY
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The application of lean principles and techniques offer many advantages to extended systems and operations that are connected in providing products and services. Lean Logistics is one area that has been well received in offering substantial cost reductions and improved reliability in transportation and the reduction of waste between supplier interactions and the extended enterprise.

Interestingly, most users in logistics promote lean by applying tools in transportation, warehousing, order management, material handling and inventory control. Its true, applying classical industrial engineering to study and improve processes can lead to productivity gains. Unfortunately, most organizations have the impression that implementing Lean Logistics is something that only affects their department and is something that can be achieved without the cooperation and support from the organization. Surprisingly, most companies apply lean to their logistic systems as another add-on to an already complicated and unpredictable process.

The Lean Systems Group in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation is offering a 2-day course to teach the basic fundamentals of Lean Logistics from the view of TPS. This course provides the essential skills in developing capable, predictable and consistent operations using standardized processes. Participants will learn Toyota’s techniques for demand planning, forecasting and production leveling that is required to allocate effective use of plant, supplier and third party resources. Most importantly, this course is designed to teach the skills to develop Lean Logistics knowledge internally by learning how to apply Toyota’s problem solving process.

Other Topics Include:

  • Production leveling (order aggregation, planning) and Just-In-Time (i.e. kanban)
  • Flexibility of operations
  • Communication and shipment Status
  • Tracking and visibility of operations (in bounds, out bounds, shippers, carriers, suppliers, etc…)
  • 8-Step Problem Solving
  • Abnormality management (adjustments in orders, carriers, cross docks, connecting loads, etc…)
  • Overview of classical industrial engineering techniques
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