Institute of Research for Technology Development

The Institute of Research for Technology Development (IR4TD) is a unique engineering research center dedicated to research, education, outreach, and service. At IR4TD we believe companies want more than mere survival in today’s economy, they want to prosper and grow. To accomplish that companies have to be proactively seeking new and better ways to provide the goods and services they offer. Among other things, this means they have to stay abreast of new technology, be versatile enough to change rapidly, work hard to continuously improve quality while reducing waste, and set themselves apart from their competitors. To answer these needs, IR4TD offers two programs, Research & Development and Lean Systems, both designed to offer new ideas and solutions.Â

Research and Development:

  • Solving current and pressing issues
  • Developing innovative products and processes
  • Transferring technology from the laboratory to industry and between different disciplines

Lean Systems:

  • Offers lean transformation training to companies
  • Provides coaching for specific issues and processes
  • Continues to develop and share the true lean knowledge base

Both groups offer

training and services that bridge the gap between industry and academia:
For more detailed information contact

Research and Development

Lean Systems

Nelson Akafuah Sandra Dunn
859 218-0702 859 257-4886
  • For more information contact

    Research & Development
    Nelson Akafuah

    859 218-0702
    Lean Systems
    Sandra Dunn

    859 257-4886
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