Ningileri Named New Director of the Center for Aluminum Technology


The Center for Aluminum Technology would like to welcome Shridas Ningileri as its new Director. Mr. Ningileri has a Master’s Degree in Technology-Metallurgy with specialization in Industrial Metallurgy from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He brings more than 25 years of experience in the foundry industry with expertise in all areas including Melting, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Customer Relations. Mr. Ningileri is a qualified auditor for ISO and QS 9000. He has been the Project Manager at Secat, Inc an aluminum research, development and testing organization over the past 7 years and has extensive knowledge of the aluminum industry along with its education and research needs. He is a member of TMS and as part of Secat has links to the Aluminum Association and related professional societies. He has extensive experience in the coordination and preparation of research proposals to obtain industrial, state and federal funding with industry and university partners.

Mr. Ningileri, as CAT director will be responsible for planning, implementing, co-coordinating and managing CAT’s program and activities. The CAT programs may involve funding from industrial, state and federal sources, and he will further develop collaborations with these entities, the national laboratories, and other universities.

Mr. Ningileri will continue to serve as Project Manager at Secat, Inc and will be the liaison and coordinator between CAT and Secat, Inc. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Ningileri.

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